L4 Careers Morning

L4 girls dipped their toes in the world of the future with a special Careers Morning led by Headington School’s Development Team.

During the session on Friday 24th May, the L4 heard from Headingtonians who gave advice about choosing a career, the importance of keeping an open mindset and exploring entire job sectors to see the wide range of job roles found within an industry. The girls explored potential career options based on their favourite subjects and how they might adapt and change to pursue them. From here they reflected on their strengths found outside of the classroom and started to think about how applying their personal skills can also lend towards certain careers.

Mrs Alice Abbott, Development Manager, said: “The girls loved diving in to all the potential opportunities they could pursue later in life and there were plenty of extremely positive aspirations for girls at such an early stage.

“We even had an aspiring Prime Minister in out midst who felt that communication, risk-taking and resilience were critical skills she desired to develop in order to be successful in this role.”