L4 Camping Trip

A sunny June week saw the whole of L4 head to Croyde in North Devon for a two-day camping trip.

The girls enjoyed surfing, coast-steering, beach volleyball and a 7k coastal hike. They also mastered the art of putting up Duke of Edinburgh tents in record time, looking after an entire camp site, and mixing in tent trios and activity groups outside of their normal forms.

Head of L4 Alex Rogers said: “The weather was almost too glorious, and the girls were absolutely exceptional in terms of their confidence, their compassion for each other, and their commitment to going a whole 60 hours without their phones!”

The digital-detox coach journeys (four hours each way) featured card games, magic tricks, portrait-drawing, the outline of a 16-chapter murder mystery novel and a Backstreet Boys medley not to mention a significant boost to the UK’s economy via the expedient of topping up on snacks and caffeine at Sedgemoor Services (both ways) and the constant care of Dalton (the Cranmer House huskey and official trip mascot)!