L4 Bonding Day

If anything defines the L4, it is their inventiveness and initiative. Bonding day proved no exception. With most of the other year groups on trips out of school, it was the turn of this year group to have the run of the School.

The day started in the Theatre with a Talent Show, an impressive pupil-run affair involving stunning feats of sleight of hand, stand-up comedy and a Britney Spears tribute which ended with an unexpected costume change from Head of Year Mr Alex Rogers, all with peak audience participation and a total commitment to the communal joy of the occasion.

The girls then broke out into the fresh air, where their collaborative team-building skills were put to the test in traditional (and not so traditional) ways, involving a carousel of jump ropes, Danish Longball, athletic charades as well as some good old-fashioned rounders.

The next session provided an excellent outlet for their aesthetic potential in the group selfie challenge. Then it was time to occupy the Hive, this time to relax in the creativity of others, and enjoy a screening of the classic ‘Home Alone’, selected democratically by popular vote.

Huge thanks go to Mr Rogers and the L4 team who worked so hard to design such a stimulating and enjoyable bonding experience, enabling them to collaborate with pupils across their year group, redraw the boundaries of their comfort zones and shape new and lasting memories of each other.

L4 Bonding Day