KS2 Spring term ICT

Year 6 – Have been learning how to program variables in Scratch and how they are used to keep track of important data, such as a score in a game. They have also been learning how they can be updated with events or even used to trigger events in a program. They enjoyed learning how to implement an algorithm for a clock as a program in Scratch, using setting and updating variables to keep track of the time. Recently, they have been exploring how to modify a game by adding variables to the program and they are going to create their own version of the game.

Year 5 – They are currently in a STEM term and in computing, they are learning about physical computing. Using a programmable electronics kit called the Crumble controller, they have been learning how to control multiple colour-changing LEDs and motors by creating sequence programs to do this. They are going to move on to using switches and understanding how input can change output via selection in the program.

Year 4 – They have been learning about the sequence construct in programming and they have been creating an algorithm and implementing this as a program. They have been doing this by programming the on-screen character to talk and then have a conversation with another character.

Year 3 – They have been learning how the internet works, how it’s a global network of computers that can be used to transfer information all over the world. Recently, we have been talking about what you can do with the internet and how it provides different services such as cloud storage. They also learned that the school has a cloud service that they can use called Google Workspace. They have been logging into this and learning how to use the GMail app to send and receive emails. They have also been looking at online safety as part of this work.