Key Worker School this term

Girls have been keeping busy in Key Worker School at the Senior School this term.

The teachers and support staff in charge are working hard to vary the programme as much as possible to give girls a healthy balance between their online learning and other activities.

On days when Mr Baker (Head of Headington’s Tennis programme) is in school, he organises physical fun and outdoor games to energise them before learning sessions. Ms Lees, Mrs Mason and Mrs Guthrie have been encouraging the calmer and more sedate pursuits of quiet reading in the Library’s fiction room – a break away from screens and a chance to escape into a book. The girls have also completed a number of jigsaw puzzles while a variety of board & card games are proving popular pastimes during their downtime.

Recently, following the RSPB’s Garden Birdwatch Weekend, staff have encouraged spring bird activity at Headington. Girls spent a happy half hour of their lunch break making bird feeders.

Ms Lees, Headington’s Librarian said: “Before starting, we watched a video that showed us what we needed to do, and using empty bottles, sticks, string, seeds and nuts, we then set to, to have a go ourselves.

“It turned out to be rather messier than expected but we were pleased with the results and managed to hang them up on the trees outside the Library. It means that while we are attending Key Worker School in the Library, we can watch to see if they are adopted!”

Well done and thanks go to all the support staff and teaching staff who have put in so much effort into making Key Worker School such a success this term.

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