Kangaroo Maths Challenge

Three U3 girls have been recognised for their maths skills in a prestigious national competition.

Victoria, Lily and Amy all achieved a merit certificate in the United Kingdom Mathematics Trust (UKMT) Junior Kangaroo Maths Competition.

This competition was a follow on, invitation only, for those students who scored highly in the UKMT Junior Maths Challenge earlier this term. In the Kangaroo, scores over 97 were awarded a certificate of merit and these girls scored 106, 108 and 125!

Mrs Sarah Sandys, Head of Maths at Headington, said: “Victoria, Lily and Amy have done a superb job and should be very proud of themselves for such amazing scores! Again and again we’re astounded by the quality of our girls work and especially when half of the year was being taught remotely, we’re incredibly pleased with the consistent high standard of work our mathematicians have kept up. Well done girls!”