Isla Greets Prince Charles

Headington’s CCF Lord Lieutenants Cadet for Oxfordshire, Isla (U6), greeted Prince Charles across two different locations on 9th June 2021. Here is her account from the day:

The day itself was absolutely fantastic!

I first saw Prince Charles at Somerville College where he came to visit the students and plant a tree. I saluted him on his arrival as he got out the car and then as he also departed, it was absolutely nerve-wracking at first, but two members of the Metropolitan Police chatted with me and made feel less intimidated. Nevertheless, I was still shocked that the future king of England was right in front of me!

Due to another cadet not being able to attend, I had the fortune of being able to greet him at two different locations. The second location was the Mini Factory, so as he got out the car I saluted again but was completely caught off guard by the fact he came over and spoke to me. He asked me about my A Levels and wished me the best of luck with my results and then proceeded to go inside.

It was absolutely epic to not only see him but also to get an incredibly fascinating tour of the Mini Factory. I also got to meet the amazing people who helped organise the day’s trip and also his personal protection officer. All of them were extremely nice to me and helped calm my nerves and made me feel welcome. At the end of the Mini tour, he drove a brand new Mini off the production ramp and then made a moving speech.

Overall the day was completely surreal and I will never forget it for as long as I live.