International Week 2022

Headington’s Emma Watson Gallery was transformed into a bright stage full of different cultures, ideas and creative activities.

If you wanted to learn how to say “good morning” in Swedish, if you had never heard of a “brigadeiro” or always fancied learning how to dance to the music of India and Montenegro, International Week, from 7th – 11th March, was the right thing for you!

Dance lessons also went international with girls learning the Haka amongst other expressions.

Girls and staff in attendance were able to travel around the world thanks to the confident, creative and interesting presentations of a selected group of Headington pupils from across many different year groups (U3 to U6) and many different nationalities.

Mr Ignazio Pompeo, Head of Modern Languages, said: “It was lovely to learn more about the girls’ heritage and culture and it was powerful to see all the attendees acknowledge the cultural diversity here at Headington. We were able to have more than 20 different countries represented by our community and we hope to hear from and learn more in the future!

“Some personal highlights were learning a selection of idioms which vary from language to language, learning a dance of Palestine and of course, being Italian, I loved hearing all about the different food!

“Luckily, we will celebrate International Week in the years to come. So, until next year, with more people, more countries and cultures represented and many more interesting activities!”