International Evening 2022

Each year Headington holds an event celebrating the diversity and cultures represented within our boarding community. Read International Prefect Bernice’s report of this year’s event below.

The International Evening has been the highlight of my entire two years of Sixth Form. Every single performance was a joy to watch and it was a lively show for the entire boarding community. Having seen all our different cultures come together in a single performance night is definitely very worth it and meaningful. Even though I have had no experience hosting shows, every single person who was part of the night has been so supportive and encouraging that it made my night that much better.

When I first walked into the theatre for our first rehearsals, I was immediately captivated by the beautiful and vibrant set the theatre team had put together.

From singing to dancing, every single performer had the opportunity to showcase their own talent it in front of the entire boarding community which was very touching. I really hope the years to come get to experience this fabulous and worthwhile show when it comes to them.

By Bernice (U6)

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