IB – where next?

As part of our celebration of 10 Years of the IB at Headington it has been a great pleasure for me to contact some of our former IB students to see where are they now

Our first IB graduates left Headington in 2011 and are now developing their careers in a range of areas. Some are still studying, some involved in charity work, on graduate schemes, small and large businesses and I am particularly pleased to learn that some are teaching. 

What has struck me has been the international nature of their study and work. It seems that almost all of them have either studied, worked, volunteered, or travelled extensively overseas and many have great stories to tell and report that taking the IB has prepared them well. The IB is the INTERNATIONAL Baccalaureate for a number of reasons: it is taught in 147 countries, is accepted at universities worldwide and has internationalism permeating through the courses. So for example, studies in English Literature include translated works of the world’s best literature, Humanity courses include case studies from around the globe, Sciences discuss international collaboration and the Arts courses cover Music, Theatre and Visual Art from very different cultures. This, on top of the second language requirement where students learn in depth about language and culture puts them at an obvious advantage. And it’s worth noting that the longer one studies a language, the easier it is to learn any language.

So what better way to prepare our students for an international life than by studying the IB at Headington!

More details about the IB Diploma programme at headington can be found here or by contacting Mr James Stephenson, Director of IB

Report by Mr Stephenson

Pictured is Noa, class of 2014, in Zanzibar