IB results 2021

Headington welcomed back members of its final International Baccalaureate cohort on Tuesday 6th July to celebrate the end of two years’ hard work.

Girls were sent their results electronically but joined teachers and friends to mark the occasion. It was Headington’s final set of IB results, with the School moving to A Levels only for next year’s graduating class. Eighteen girls completed the diploma this year and achieved an average points score of 41.

Among those celebrating was Sophie, whose perfect score of 45 points out of 45 secured her a place at New College, Oxford, to study Politics, Philosophy and Economics. Sophie, one of Headington’s Music Scholars, joined the School in Nursery and has been very much involved in all aspects of school life.

She said: “I’m really, really pleased because it meant I could go to the university I wanted. I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet, the fact I have left the School forever, but at the same time I am staying in Oxford which is nice.

“I think Headington has done a really good job over the last two years, having a lot of face to face teaching which was a really good replacement.”

Sophie was one of 2 girls who achieved a perfect score of 45, which is typically awarded to less than one per cent of those taking the diploma each year.

Hannah, who achieved 44 points, is off to study Veterinary Science at Bristol.

She said: “I was just so excited and relieved to have done better than I hoped for. I’m really looking forward to going to university next year.

“The past two years has been a very positive experience despite everything, all the challenges have meant I have been closer to my IB friends and all the teachers have been so supportive.”

Worldwide, only 10 per cent of students achieve 40 or higher and less than one per cent achieve the perfect 45. This year’s results saw 14 of the cohort of 18 girls achieving at least 40. Results were based on externally-marked coursework and predicted grades.

It was a double celebration for Alex, who marked her 18th birthday while picking up an excellent 42 point score.

She said: “I was really thrilled – it’s a good way to celebrate my 18th!”

Headmistress Mrs Caroline Jordan said: “I am tremendously proud of each of the girls who have dealt so well with all the disruption, changes and challenges forced upon them. What they have achieved is incredible and we are delighted to be able to celebrate with them.

“I’d also like to say a huge thank you to our Director of IB, Mr James Stephenson, who has run the course over the past decade, for all his hard work nurturing these students and ensuring they achieved to the best of their ability.

“Well done to all of them!”

Over the 11 years the diploma programme ran at Headington, more than 200 girls have completed the qualification, achieving an average points score of 39.