IAPS Football Tournament

Tuesday 14th May

The U11 girls football team showcased remarkable skill and determination in the IAPS Football Tournament hosted at Portsmouth Grammar School. In the group stage, Headington demonstrated their prowess by securing victories against Edgeborough and Prebendal, while holding Bristol Grammar to a hard-fought draw. Their cohesive teamwork and strategic play propelled them to the top of their group, setting a solid foundation for their journey in the tournament.

Advancing to the semi-finals, Headington faced off against Holy Cross in a thrilling encounter. With nerves of steel and unwavering focus, they emerged triumphant, securing their spot in the coveted Cup Final. This resulted in an electrifying clash between Team Headington and Brentwood. Despite a valiant effort and a display of exceptional skill, Team Headington was narrowly edged out by their opponents.

Although the final result may not have been in their favor, the girls can hold their heads high, knowing they gave their all on the field. Their commitment, sportsmanship, and resilience throughout the tournament exemplify the true spirit of Headington sport.

Mr Jamie Vigano said, “As their coach, I am supremely proud of the girls and the outstanding way they represented the school. This experience will undoubtedly serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for their future endeavours. Well done!”