HPQ & EPQ Presentation Evening 2023

This year Headington hosted its first joint Higher Project Qualification (HPQ) and Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Presentation Evening.

At the event on Wednesday 21st June, students from the L5 and L6 presented findings from their year-long research projects in the GCSE level HPQ and the A Level  (EPQ). Sixty students exhibited their work across the evening and were well supported by family and friends.

The HPQ students hosted a particularly impressive research poster session, presenting their research projects to guests in the Main Hall on a wide range of questions selected by the students themselves.

These included whether GP primary care should be privatised, whether the range of benefits outweigh the financial costs of NASA’s Artemis Project, an investigation into the impact of sleep levels on the memory of L5 students and an exploration of audience interpretations through their viewing of a self-made abstract film.

EPQ students each gave individual research presentations to different audiences, summarising the key findings of their research and reflecting on their EPQ process.

These fantastic presentations were not only fascinating and thought provoking but really demonstrated that the EPQ student is the expert in each room. Again there was a wide variety in student-selected research topics which included an examination of how different media tactics affected the administrations of Kennedy and Nixon, a comparison of “The story of Layla and Majun” by Nizami with “Romeo and Juliet” by Shakespeare and an artefact project with a detailed examination of the historical accuracy of Belle’s yellow dress from “Beauty and the Beast” (1991) culminating in an entirely new dress being created and examined.

Mrs Anneka Streule, HPQ and EPQ lead, said: “It was a hugely successful evening and all of our HPQ and EPQ students should be very proud of their fantastic achievements.

“I can most definitely say that each attendee learned something new that evening. We look forward to welcoming you to our next presentation evening next June!”

HPQ & HPQ Presentations 2023