House Photography Competition

Clever angles, interesting composition and creativity were on display during Headington’s House Photography Competition.

Throughout February 2021, girls sent in photographs to be considered for entry to the contest.

The top three images were sent in by Abby (L6 Oxen), Carol (U6 Windrush) with the winner being Ciara (L4 Blenheim).

The winning image can be found attached to this article.

Discussing the winning image, Judge number one said: “It took me a moment to realise I was looking at a skateboard. Very clever use of angles. I really like the bright colour of the wheel and the reflection in the water. Lots to look at when you look closer, love the reflection in the glass building.”

Judge number two said: “Really good composition and great use of reflections.”

And finally Judge number three said: “The competition was filled with great images but this just had the extra ‘wow’ factor. The photographer is very creative and has used the skateboard to great effect. They have planned and then executed the use of the prop so effectively. It leaves you intrigued and desperate to see more from this photographer. We were all intrigued to know what else this photographer creates! A creative future! Well done.”

Mr David Cunningham, Head of Competitive Houses said: “As ever, I am deeply impressed by the creative spirit of the entrants with the photography competition standard being incredibly high! Well done to everyone who entered!”