House Photography Competition 2022

Unusual views of Oxford, stunning images of nature and clever camera techniques were all on display for this year’s House Photography Competition.

No theme was set for this year’s contest but girls were asked to consider Headington’s core values of creativity, collaboration, confidence, curiosity, compassion and courage and reflect them in their photography – contemplating their environment, the core values and trying to incorporate them into their images.

The judging criteria was split into four categories: How technically correct is the photography? What is the subject matter? Is the composition balanced? Do I like this photograph?

Congratulations to Bethany (L6) in House Isis for her winning photograph titled ‘Water is not a solid wall’.

The judges said: “This image is worthy of a national photography competition. The 6Cs were integrated very well into the concept. The creativity of the image is on another level. It leaves you intrigued and very curious. One judge ‘I felt myself lost in this image for a moment’ – ‘the student is clearly an impressive photographer’ ‘this had so much ‘wow’ factor. This was considered the outright winner by all judges and commended for the creative use of reflection.”

Mr David Cunningham, Head of Houses said: “Not only were the submissions inspiring in their own right, but it was impressive to see how many of the School’s 6Cs were covered through their creative process. The photography submitted was powerful and complex and the judges were blown away by some entries.”

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