House Netball 2021

Before the Easter Holidays, Middle School girls at Headington took part in the annual House Netball competition.

The competition was of course slightly different from previous years, with girls adhering to current restrictions, however it was a fantastic spectacle for staff and a chance for girls to experience comradery and teamwork through sport which they have so missed in the recent months.

All houses put in huge effort into each match, and there were some really closely fought finals. The winners were as follows:

U3 – Isis

L4 – Blenheim

U4 – Ridley

L5 – Cherwell

U5 – Latimer

The Latimer House team of U5 have won House Netball every year they have been at school – a fantastic achievement!

Overall, Ridley won the entire competition by only 1 point, closely followed by Blenheim and then Cherwell.

Mrs Natasha Vickers, Head of Netball said: “It was fantastic to see all the year groups in the last couple of weeks come together and put on such a fantastic display of Netball. It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves together again after such a long period of time away from school. With the sun shining for most year groups and pupils smiling, it really was a positive atmosphere as we went into our last week of school.”

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