House Football at Prep

Each of the classes from Year 3 to Year 6 took part in a House Football Challenge. Their skills were put to the test as they dribbled between cones, passed to each other and ran relay races against the clock. Girls dressed in their house T-shirts and earnt their houses points for every time they scored. It was a fun way to spend their PE session out on the astroturf and everyone enjoyed the comradery of working together in a team. Huge thanks to Miss Smith for coordinating a fun-filled week of Football focus for the girls.

Please read a report from Mariyah, Verity and Amelia below.

We loved the House Football because it was energetic, fun and the drills were hard in some parts.

First we got into our houses then partnered up, went to an activity with two people from another house and took turns on that activity. The first set of partners counted while the others played then we switched over.

The first skill was passing through the gates. There were four gates that you had to pass through to your partner and every gate you passed through you gained a point.

The second skill was dribbling and passing. Every time you made a pass you scored a point.

The final activity was where you and your partner lined up then took turns to dribble through some cones and try to shoot to the end then dribble the ball back to your partner then they had a go. If we got the ball the goal we got two points and if we dribbled without missing a cone we got one extra point.

I thought everyone played really well and had a great time.

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