House Dance Winter 2019

For the first time in the history of our competitive house competition, Headington held its annual House Dance contest, usually a highlight of the Summer Term, on the last day of the Autumn Term.

The event was based around the theme of ‘winter’ and the prefect and Head of House team came up with wide-ranging interpretations of the theme.

The audience was presented with a selection of dance moves linked to classic Christmas songs, Christmas films and winter more broadly. It lent a wonderful Christmas feel to the morning, with lots of festive cheer and giggles.

Each dance was limited to six minutes and many houses chose to focus on a range of songs, with a wide range of girls involved from all year groups.

The judges found it very difficult to split the houses, with many offering tightly choreographed routines.

Ford created a beautiful performance inspired by the film ‘Polar Express’. A number of staff and students were left in tears at the end. An U6 prefect said “It was an incredibly powerful last scene, as the train moved off and the group of dancers waved goodbye, it just moved me.”

In the choreography category, Ridley and Ford were awarded joint first. Ridley had a focused and determined approach which grabbed the judges’ attention. The Oxen set impressed the judges with its clever artwork. The array of Christmas costumes on show across the board was impressive, of particular note were the impressive ‘Shrek ears’ in the Cherwell dance, while Isis were consistent and strong in all judging criteria.

After much deliberation, the judges announced Ford as winners, Ridley in second place and Isis third.

Head of Competitive Houses Mr David Cunningham, said: “Ford were well rehearsed and totally in the moment.

“In our Year of Community, this was a wonderful way to end a very successful term.

“It brought the school community together in a festive celebration and left us all with a big smile and excitement for the festive break. The energy and enthusiasm our students brought to the event left us all with such a great sense of togetherness.”

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