House Dance 2023

House Dance 2023 was a fantastic morning of dance moves, choreography, costume and sets.

On the final day of the school term, girls were treated to the annual winter House Dance extravaganza! Each house had six minutes to complete their routines and impress the judges, with every year group and individual chipping in to the final performance.

Pupils used a variety of dance techniques and styles, with some impressive gymnastics on display as well. With the theme of this year being 80s/90s, there were plenty of quality references to music, film and pop culture.

Cherwell came out on top with their performance using inspired references to the 80s exercise culture, the Spice Girls and more, alongside the backdrop of a working day. They danced to popular songs such as ‘Wannabe’ and ‘Club Tropicana’ which got the audience tapping their feet.

Mr David Cunningham, Head of Competitive Houses said: “Well done to Cherwell for their complete performance and deserved victory. But of course, all the houses deserve a huge pat on the back. Given that they have an afternoon to plan their performances and put together all of the songs and make all of the backdrops we were impressed with them all.

“The whole community really love ending the Autumn Term on such a high and we’re so happy to be able to bring festive celebration to the final day of term in the form of an 80s/90s style –  which I think has to be a personal favourite house dance theme during my time here.”

House Dance 2023