Hockey at Headington

Since there have been no match fixtures against other schools or teams this year, Headington School’s Hockey teams have looked to other methods to keep their skills sharp.

There has been a consistent turnout of girls playing Hockey, all of whom are committed to improving their skills.

Year group bubbles have been able to focus on after-school training, play some inter-year Hockey matches and certain year groups were even able to compete in a fantastic inter-house Hockey competition for the U3, L4 & U4.

The results of the inter-house Hockey contest are as follows:

Upper 3:

  1. Oxon
  2. Evenlode / Ford
  3. Blenheim

Lower 4:

  1. Latimer
  2. Cherwell
  3. Ford

Upper 4:

  1. Blenheim
  2. Cranmer
  3. Windrush / Ridley

Mr Alex Williams, Headington’s specialist Hockey coach said: “It’s been an odd Hockey term from start to finish, as with everything this year. We were very fortunate to get in some internal Hockey fixtures. The girls absolutely loved them and it was great that they could show off all the developments they have made individually and as a team over the last few months.

“Over the term, the girls have made strides both as individuals and as teams. We’ve also had eight girls nominated for England trials – more in this year than in the entire history of school before – as well as a record number of pupils performing at regional level.

“When I started a few years ago there were no well-attended school hockey clubs, and we only had seventeen girls choosing Hockey in Games lessons at U5. This term, we’ve seen excellent numbers for all year groups at before school, lunchtime and after school Hockey clubs and have excellent numbers for Games across the board – including around 40 for U5.

“It’s great that we are providing our girls with the capacity to enjoy hockey as a sport for life, whatever their level, and that we have maintained a huge performance success this term despite no fixtures. Well done to all and have a well-deserved break when it arrives.

“We must also say a special goodbye to first teamers (inc 1st XI Captain) Alexia and Laura, who both had their last Hockey session last week. They will still have training next term but, sadly with no fixtures, their school Hockey has come to an end. Well done girls, it has been a privilege to be your coach.”