Headington’s U16 Hockey Heroes Dazzle Once More

Headington’s U16 hockey team recently played their Tier 1 English Hockey Cup match against Wellington College to gain entry to the national finals in 2020.

The girls did brilliantly to win the fiercely contested match 2-1. Last year, our U16 team made it to the same stage before being defeated by the same school in a similar away game. This year, our girls put on a fantastic team performance and they displayed an amazing amount of passion and grit to overcome the odds to defeat their strong Wellington opponents.

The win means they are one of the best eight teams in the country and they are through to the national finals in the new year. It is also the first time that Headington have had a Hockey team get through to the finals stage.

Mr Alex Williams, Headington PE teacher and Hockey specialist said: “It’s a huge achievement and the girls have done really well this year. We’ll look forward to gearing up again and taking on the next stage of the challenge in 2020!”