Headington’s New Prefects

After a demanding selection process, Headington’s incoming prefects have been chosen.

Nearly 70 girls applied to be prefects this year, with those applying for the role of Head Girl, Head of Day and Head of Boarding challenged to give a one-minute speech in support of their application. The shortlisted candidates then faced an interview with Pastoral Director of Sixth Form Mr Simon Drew and Headmistress Mrs Caroline Jordan.

After impressive performances across the board Bea Rich was named Head Girl, Rabiah Abbasi Head of Day and Timi Akoni Head of Boarding. They are joined by 42 others to form the 2021-2022 prefect team. Other prefect roles include leading competitive or boarding houses or focusing on different aspects of school life such as Music, Chapel, Drama, Wellbeing, Alumnae or Charities.

Bea, who joined the School in U4, said: “I was absolutely thrilled, it was a surprise. It was surreal and unbelievable when Mrs Jordan told us. I was really happy and very excited about the thought of the next year and what it would mean for us.

“I really wanted to be Head Girl because I like being able to support and represent other people in school and I’m really excited about the opportunity to do that and to be the voice of the students and to be a connection between students and staff. I really think it’s such an honour to have been selected.”

Rabiah, who joined in U3, said she couldn’t quite believe it when she was told she had been chosen as Head of Day. She said: “I hope to bring some representation into the role, I want to show especially the younger years that we are a diverse community. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you engage with the opportunities here you can succeed.”

Timi, who is a full boarder and also joined the School in U3, echoed Bea and Rabiah’s excitement. She said: “The fact I’m now in one of the highest positions within the School is extremely exciting. It made me feel a bit apprehensive as well, but I am extremely happy and excited to start working alongside Bea and Rabiah. It means a lot because I think I am finally in a position to make a substantial impact towards the boarding community.”

In a special event, the outgoing prefects handed over to their new counterparts on the last day of school term, Friday 26th March. Each prefect keeps a book with hints, tips and reflections on their experience of the role which is then handed on to their successor. It was also an opportunity to thank the outgoing prefects, led by Milly Drinkwater as Head Girl, Alexia Roberts as Head of Day and Juliet Barnard as Head of Boarding, for their hard work and support in one of the most challenging and disjointed years for keeping the school community together.

Mrs Jordan said: “As always I was incredibly impressed by the calibre of the applications and that so many girls were keen to represent and serve our school community in this way.

“Milly, Alexia and Juliet have been excellent role models and leaders through a really challenging period in our school’s history. I am confident the new team, led by Bea, Rabiah and Timi, will also do a fantastic job leading the student body and setting an inspirational example for girls throughout the School.”

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