Headington’s Got Talent

After a fierce round of auditions during the month of June, on Friday 30th June, Headington Prep School saw the final round of their Talent Show.

The whole school gathered in the theatre for an afternoon which brought the house down with laughter as well as moved the children to tears.

It was a fantastic celebration of all the hidden talents that the Prep School pupils offer. From magic shows to dance and gymnastics, soloists and comedy acts, bands strumming well-known songs to sketches created by the pupils, the whole school had an absolute blast.

There were some stand out moments that showed determination, bravery and confidence and the audience recognized the gallant efforts of all their performing peers with raucous cheering, laughter and standing ovations.

While the VIP judges of Mrs Jane Crouch, Mr Richard Kidd and Mrs Amy Evetts deliberated on who would take home the prizes, the entire audience leapt to their feet to follow the moves of ‘Just Dance’ and then sung their hearts out to a song from ‘Encanto’.

The deserving winners were Christine from Year 1 who bravely sang a solo, Emma who delighted us with her piano playing and Effie, Flic, Nina and Xanthe who wowed the entire room with some impressive magic tricks.

But the overall winners, Rose and Imi had the entire room in hysterics as they sung the wrong lyrics to well-known songs and blew the judges away with their originality and wit. What a fantastic start to the end of term celebrations.