Headington’s Economics Department goes CORE

Economists at Headington are approaching the subject in a new, interactive way.

The CORE Economics Project is global movement to encourage a more problem-motivated and interactive way of teaching of Economics, in addition to bringing recent development in the subject to the classroom. Over the summer Headington’s Head of Economics, Mr George Vlachonikolis, designed a course curriculum integrating both the content specifications of the Edexcel exam-board and many of the teaching elements of CORE Economics.

Mr Vlachonikolis said: “CORE teaches the tools of Economics by frontloading the course with contemporary economic problems including inequality, climate change, the future of work and financial stability.

“These are the things that most of our Headington students want to focus on too, so it’s a clear win-win to incorporate the CORE methodology into our way of working too.”

Courses based on CORE are now taught in top universities both in the UK (including University College London, Manchester and Bristol) and worldwide (including Sciences Po, Stockholm University and the University of Sydney). So our Economics students like Lexi, Katherine and Kelsey will enjoy being ahead of the curve when they start at university.

Economics has seen a surge in popularity over the last two years at Headington. Currently, 65 students study Economics in the Sixth Form at either A Level or IB. In addition, Economics and Business related degrees continue to be a particularly popular UCAS choice for our Sixth Form leavers.