Headingtonian Medic Talks

Two Headingtonians, Anezka Macey-Dare and Louisa Clarke returned to Headington to discuss their experiences at medical school.

They study at very different schools of Medicine. Louisa has just successfully completed her first year studying at Nottingham University while Anezka is completing her third year studying at Imperial College London.

Mrs Jo Quirk, who co-ordinates the Medics programme at Headington, said: “Although their universities are very different, what was very obvious was their passion for studying medicine and the dedication and commitment of their teaching staff.

“What also came across was that it almost didn’t matter which university they were at. From their experience, you should expect to meet like-minded people, develop skills and talents you were not aware you had.”

The girls outlined how you should be prepared to work extremely hard but also have a fabulous time while doing it. They both highly recommended their universities.