Headington VI Opening Party

Headington’s new revamped Sixth Form centre was a riot of colour, laughter and high octane entertainment for an evening of celebration.

On Friday 6th September, the U5, L6 and U6 were welcomed back to school with a party to mark the opening of Headington VI, the new Sixth Form centre.

The Head Girl Trio began proceedings with rousing speeches encouraging everyone to spend some time outside their normal friendship and year groups and get to know each other better in the fantastic surroundings of Headington VI.

The girls enjoyed an array of attractions and activities including festival face paint, liquid nitrogen ice cream, smoothie bikes, table tennis, music, dance machines, escape games, a photo booth and bath bomb making.

The evening was a resounding success, with feedback from girls including: “This might well have been the best party I’ve ever been to” and “Can we do this every term?”

Event organiser and Director of Marketing and Admissions Mrs Julia Mullen said: “It was fantastic to see everyone having such a brilliant time. The girls absolutely love the new space and it was wonderful to see it being used so enthusiastically. Thanks to everyone who made the event so successful.”