Headington Rye’s New Prefects

Headington Rye Oxford’s student body is to be led by a Head Girl ‘Quad’ rather than a trio.

Following a competitive process involving letters of application, hustings and interviews, Headington’s prefect body has been selected.

As there will be a larger than usual number of day girls in the School next year following the merger with Rye St Antony, it was decided that the Head Girl Trio would become a ‘quad’, with two girls sharing duties as Head of Day

More than 40 members of the L6 put themselves forward for a prefect position but after impressing staff and fellow students, Kate Hall will be Head Girl, Lucia Spiteri (currently a pupil at Rye St Antony) and Vivienne Howells share the role of Head of Day and Zainab Kapasi will be Head of Boarding. They took over the baton from outgoing trio Trinity St John Cox, Zara Jones and Alexandra Cutmore at a special handover ceremony to the whole school on Monday 25th March.

This year there will be 17 prefects in all, with Kate, Lucia, Vivienne and Zainab joined by Ginny as Chapel Prefect, Emily as Charities Prefect, Alisha as Diversity and Inclusion Prefect, Nikki as Eco Prefect, Scarlett as Social Prefect, Zara as Wellbeing Prefect and Nena leading U3, Megan L4, Christina U4, Cressida L5, Sofia U5, Maya L6 and Daisy U6. Each was given a notebook full of tips, advice and memories from previous postholders.

Kate joined Headington in the Prep School from Japan in Year 4 and is studying English Literature, History, Politics and an Extended Project Qualification. She said: “This is something everyone has dreamed of for a long time so the fact it’s actually happening to us feels incredible.

“We are really excited to inspire change within the School, which we feel so passionately about, and we want to make sure the change goes as smoothly as possible and that we make Headington Rye the best place it can be.”

Vivienne joined Headington in U3 from an Oxford primary school and is studying Latin, Greek, French and English. She said: “I was just so proud when I was told. I have always really loved the school and wanted to do this and I am really excited about being able to give back to the School after being here for such a long time.

Lucia, who joined Rye in Year 9 and is studying English Literature, Psychology and Art alongside Leiths Certificate of Food and Wine, said she had never experienced anything quite like the application process before.

She said: “I was really excited and surprised in a really good way and ready to get right to it.

“I’m excited about making sure the merger goes really smoothly and making sure it’s as great as it can be.”

Zainab is the only member of the quad to join the School at the beginning of the academic year, joining as a full boarder from Saudi Arabia. She is studying Biology, Chemistry and Economics.

She said: “I felt very encouraged and very excited honestly and very grateful as well. I have gained so many valuable experiences throughout this process.”

Prefects act as important representatives of and role models for the School at events such as open mornings and assessment days, with each also having specific responsibilities according to the position. The selection process is designed to mirror what girls might face in later life when applying for jobs, with candidates providing both a letter and video application, arguing their case in hustings and having interviews.

Headmistress Mrs Caroline Jordan said: “It is always an exciting new beginning as we welcome a new prefect team and this year feels particularly special, as we start getting to know the girls who will lead our new, merged school.

“I have been hugely impressed and indeed inspired by these young women who acted with confidence, courage and grace as they took on this challenging process. They will truly be fantastic role models to the younger girls and I am proud to have them as ambassadors for the School.”

Prefect Handover 2024