Headington meets Hogwarts

You might have been forgiven for thinking you had arrived at Hogwarts on Thursday 6th February.

The Headington uniform was liberally adorned with distinctive accessories from JK Rowling’s world as girls marked Harry Potter Day. They wore Gryffindor hats and scarves, distinctive lightning-shaped scars with a few sporting a full-length cloak.

Throughout the day, girls demonstrated their Creative and Artistic Talents (C.A.Ts) in Headington’s own take on the O.W.Ls and N.E.W.Ts of Hogwarts, producing beautiful art and imaginative writing, inventing impressive new spells and magical creatures. Mindfulness Colouring, the regular Thursday lunchtime activity, was unusually quiet, a hush descending on account of the accompanying showing of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Girls also put their knowledge to the test whenever they borrowed a book from the library, earning merits for successfully answering Harry Potter trivia.