Elective Programme Inspires Community Initiative

Sixth formers have created a rap group aimed at promoting community through music in response to their Global Perspectives elective studies.

The course, part of the School’s elective programme, is designed to cultivate students’ critical thinking skills on multifaceted issues with diverse viewpoints.

In the latest sessions on ‘Tradition, Culture, and Language’, pupils focused on unravelling the profound impact of language on community development. From national perspectives to the local community context, students meticulously examined the complexities that arise from language barriers and ineffective communication.

The culmination of their studies brought them to a realization: while celebrating the rich tapestry of diversity within the school community is essential, a common language serves as the unifying force. The students acknowledged the importance of promoting English proficiency to facilitate seamless integration, particularly crucial in the close-knit environment of a boarding school.

In response to this, a groundbreaking initiative was born — RapHealz, a spirited L6 rap group dedicated to promoting a stronger sense of community through the power of language. The budding lyricists passionately crafted their debut single, “You Didn’t Understand Me,” a compelling narrative on the challenges arising from linguistic diversity.

The lyrics artfully illustrate how speaking different languages can create barriers, hindering understanding and unity. RapHealz aims to bridge these gaps by using the universal language of music to convey the importance of effective communication and cultural exchange.

Violetta, a RapHealz member, said ”We really enjoyed the creative process. The concept for the song just came to me and we all went to work creating lyrics in our own language. It was a fun process.”

Head of Geography and course leader Mr David Cunningham said: “The L6 elective programme at Headington School is igniting intellectual curiosity and fostering critical thinking through its exceptional elective offerings.

“We are proud to witness the birth of RapHealz as an embodiment of our students’ creativity, passion, and commitment to fostering a cohesive and inclusive community.

“Through their collaborative musical talents and profound insights, RapHealz is poised to make a lasting impact, inspiring positive change within our school community and beyond.”

You can listen here