Girls are up to the (remote) challenge

While the school gates have been closed, staff and girls have been coming up with creative ways to come together and challenge each other.

The first competition came from Mr Jim Baker, Head of the Tennis programme – who challenged girls to try and bounce a tennis ball on the edge of their racket as many times as possible.

Mr Alex Williams, Head of the Hockey programme, followed swiftly by launching the Skill School with a similar sporting task – keepie-uppie with Hockey ball and stick.

This morphed into the tongue-in-cheek ‘keepie-uppie challenge – toilet roll edition’ whereby girls and staff batted a toilet roll then passed it onto the next player on a different screen.

Head of Geography Mr David Cunningham hosted a live Geography quiz on his Instagram channel while Head of English Mr Stephen Dilley has been helping keep everyone’s literary skills honed by sharing a daily poem.

During term time, the PE Department have been providing daily workouts to complete at home while members of the Boat Club are training remotely – and competing with each other and athletes from other schools for Saturday challenges.

This is alongside a full schedule of remote learning, virtual tutor time and prayers from chaplain the Rev Tom Howell on his new YouTube channel.

We can’t wait to see what new challenges next term brings!