Geographers compete live on Instagram

Headington’s Geography Department has launched a live Geography quiz on Instagram.

Every Tuesday evening at 7.00 pm since 1st April, the quiz has been running, offering a chance for competitors to test their Geographical might.

With participants including parents, governors, staff, current pupils and Headingtonians, the quiz has a ‘fastest finger first’ format across 10 questions. The questions are designed to make the quiz available and accessible to all age ranges and key stages by being deliberately difficult to simply ‘google’ but able to be guessed by a non-Geographer.

For example, ‘How many of the world’s top 10 largest nations, measured in square kilometres of land area begin with the letter A?’

Answer – 3 (Algeria, Argentina and Australia)

Mr Cunningham, Headington’s Head of Geography said: “In our Year of community it is fantastic to have such a wide cross-section of the school community engage in the Geography-based quiz. The conversation between participants during the quiz, the humour and positive encouragement for all players when they get a correct answer is something that has left me feeling so encouraged.

“In such a challenging time, the quiz has brought together people from across the community and allowed them to have competitive interaction with others, something we are all lacking at the moment.”

Winners so far are Catherine, a Headingtonian from the class of 2019 who is currently studying Geography in London, U6 geographer Lexi and ‘tacklingtectonictaboos’, Headington’s period poverty group account which is currently run by Macgregor graduate assistant Rachel Digby who is among the staff volunteering to run our key workers’ school.