GCSE Science Live! 2023

L5 pupils recently gained a superb insight into the world class research of Britain’s leading scientists, including Lord Robert Winston, Dr Hannah Critchlow, Dr Kate Lancaster, Prof Steve Jones and Prof Andrea Sella.

Some fascinating and occasionally complex topics including laser-powered nuclear fusion, how to probe consciousness, why the zebra got its stripes and modern research on human fertility were presented in an inspiring way for the audience.

As an added bonus, girls were given two sessions covering GCSE exam techniques from an experienced chief examiner.

Zara said: “GCSE science live was a great opportunity for us L5s to learn more about the Science courses we are taking. From beetroots to brainwaves we learnt a variety of new things and the trip was a great way to help us learn and also have some fun.

“The tips from the examiner were also really helpful (and a bit scary!) but overall Science Live helped us understand science and how important it is for the world.”