From Congress to Campus

As part of the Sixth Form course which covers American politics, the A Level Politics group attended the annual ‘Congress to Campus’ event at Sulgrave Manor.

The girls discussed various topics with two former Congressmen, Republican Representative Luke Messer and Democrat Representative Nick Rahall. With the 2020 US Presidential Election approaching, the audience had an insightful discussion with the Representatives on incumbent president Donald Trump’s performance in office, his policy decisions (particularly with regard to foreign relations with Israel and Syria) and the state of unity in the Democratic party. The Representatives, both of whom were very experienced politicians and seasoned speakers, represented different age groups and varying positions on the ideological spectrum, providing with us “both sides of the argument” on contemporary debates such as abortion and LGBT+ rights, interpretation of the Constitution and the role of the Supreme Court.

Vennese, U6 said: “We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Sulgrave and gained a much better overview of how American politics is shaped.”