Fairytales in Early Years

The Early Years department has had a busy half term with lots of exciting activities going on linking their topic of Fairy Tales. Both Nursery and Reception kickstarted this with an immersive storytelling experience based on the Three Little Pigs. They met Mrs Pig who was sad as her children were leaving home and they needed safe places to live. The children then designed various houses and homes for them.

At Forest School the children built a friendly trap to catch the Big Bad Wolf, who the children then questioned about why he was scaring the pigs and blowing down houses. Reception then enjoyed cooking gingerbread men who luckily didn’t run away! Nursery enjoyed tasting porridge and selecting healthy options to add as toppings.

All the children have enjoyed painting and creating this term, Reception has had a free flow paint station and Nursery have been creating different shades of skies as well as designing fairytale houses.

EYFS Photographs presentation_36