EYFS Nativity

After lots of practice, the girls from Nursery and Reception performed a wonderful premiere of the ‘Littlest Shepherd’, written by Headington’s own Miss Bella Brown.

They spoke their lines with aplomb and sung with enthusiasm. The sheer delight of the jazzy ‘Donkey song’ was palpable to all, especially as the donkey took to the trumpet and everyone danced along on stage.

There were some beautiful solos, fantastic costumes and everyone performed with confidence and joy. Mrs Caroline Jordan welcomed the parents who were watching virtually, the Rev Tom Howell said it was a ‘brilliant nativity’ before joining in a prayer and Mrs Crouch summed up their performance as ‘fantastic’ at the end while also commending everyone involved.

It was a special morning to start off the Christmas season and we hope that the parents enjoyed seeing their daughters involved. Well done everyone!

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