Ernst and Young Apprenticeship

A Headington sixth former has been accepted on a prestigious apprenticeship at one of the ‘Big Four’ global accounting firms.

While the rest of her year will be packing up their bags to move into university halls, Millie will be starting work at EY in their highly competitive tax apprenticeship programme.

Based at Reading, over the next four years Millie will be learning the skills and knowledge required to work in the financial sector, earning a qualification as a Chartered Accountant and being paid as she does so.

Millie, who is taking A Levels in Maths, Economics and Biology, was entered into consideration for the scheme after completing three days ‘virtual’ work experience with EY.

She said: “I always learn better by doing rather than reading a book or studying for it so the apprenticeship made so much sense to me.

“I will also earn while I am learning. I did think about what I would be missing out on at university but the benefits of doing an apprenticeship over university outweigh that for me.”

Millie completed a series of interviews and assessments before receiving the offer, which begins in September 2022.

She said: “To anyone thinking about apprenticeships, even if you decide not to do one the experience you get from applying is really valuable. Before this year, I had never done an interview, now I have done four or five.

“I hope my news can open up the world of apprenticeships to more girls at Headington.”

Millie is following in the footsteps of Hannah, who left Headington in 2013 for EY’s school leaver programme and now works as a commercial controller for Reprise Digital.

While Headington alumnae are hugely successful at securing competitive university places, with over 80 per cent going to Russell Group universities each year, the School actively encourages those seeking different routes, for example, cordon bleu cookery, dance and music conservatoires and school leaver programmes and apprenticeships, and provides support and advice to help girls secure the next step on their chosen path.