Elin’s half marathon

A gifted U4 runner was the youngest person to complete this year’s Henley Half marathon, finishing the race in an incredible two hours, 10 mins and 39 seconds.

In the process, Elin, aged 13, has managed to raise over £700 for Cancer Research UK.

Elin said: “Cancer affects so many families, including mine, and it kills so many people. I really want to find a cure.

“I originally just wanted to make a bit of money because I didn’t know how generous people would be but I am very pleased that I raised so much.”

“The route was definitely challenging and I could have given up at about 11 miles if I hadn’t been with Mum.

“I am glad that I kept going, even it wasn’t at the pace I hoped for. It felt good afterwards.”

Elin’s mother, Ms Ovstedal said: “I was very proud of her mental and physical strength. Her legs wanted to give up at mile 11 but she refused to stop.”

We look forward to seeing Elin progress as she continues to participate in Headington’s Cross Country club. Well done Elin!