Economist dedicates holidays to online study

An L6 girl has been extending her Economics studies by taking part in a special Oxford University course.

Over the Christmas period and into January, Abi has been working hard on the economics online course with Oxford University.

The online course, entitled “Poverty to Prosperity” is led by by Sir Paul Collier, the University’s globally renowned Professor of Economics and Public Policy. Over six modules, Abi examined the vital role government plays in economic development, analysing the political, social and economic factors that elevate any society from poverty to prosperity.

Abi wrote her impressive final assignment on the economic development of Cambodia. In it, she argued that Cambodia has many of prerequisites for economic success – but due to its bloody history and Khmer Rouge genocide – its economy has remained immature and undeveloped.

All students at Headington study Development Economics as part of the A Level Economics course and Abi said she was very much looking forward to this area of her studies next year.

Mr George Vlachonikolis, Head of Economics at Headington School said: “The online course has already provided Abi with a great deal of inspiration and she plans to research the economic development of Cambodia in more depth for her EPQ next year. It’s a fantastic achievement to complete such an impressive course, under such a revered professor as Sir Paul Collier in advance of her final year of economics at Headington. Well done Abi!”