Economics Government Visit

On Thurday 26th October, two of Headington’s Economics ambassadors, Issy and Lexi, were invited to attend the Government Economic Service (GES) conference on Women in Economics in Westminster. 


The conference featured a panel discussion of six female economists working in government departments ranging from Pensions through to International Development. 


Issy said: “We learnt about their careers and how they ended up working in the Civil Service.  It was fascinating to hear about their journeys, ranging from time in the private sector to direct entry.  They also talked about their experiences working as female economists in today’s society.”


After this, there was a fair featuring the different government departments you can work in as an economist. 


Lexi said: “We had the opportunity to talk to individuals from the CMA, Home Office, Department for International Trade, Treasury and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).  We learnt what economists do on a daily basis in these departments as well as about internships and placement years. I was particularly interested talking to the department for DCMS as they have economists working on the Commonwealth Games 2022 – which relates directly to my EPQ!


“We learnt that there is real demand for women to study economics and many opportunities for us post qualification to work in GES”.


Economics has seen a surge in popularity over the last two years at Headington. Currently, 65 students study Economics in the Sixth Form at either A Level or IB. In addition, Economics and Business related degrees continue to be a popular UCAS choice for our Sixth Form leavers.