Easter Art Exhibition

The exhibition currently hanging in the Emma Watson Gallery is a showcase of current student work, from pupils in the Prep School as young as Year 3, through to U6 A Level coursework. The diversity of subject matter and media explored is indicative of the huge breadth of equipment and teaching expertise available in the Hive.

U3 work includes an Anni Albers inspired paper weaving, ceramic building tiles, hand embroidered textile samples, push puppets and rubber band cars.

The L4 are exhibiting a selection of organic texture inspired textile samples, painted beetles, mazes, ceramic pots and wall planters. Some of their frame weaving from a recent workshop can also be seen.

The U4 are showing a selection of portraiture outcomes including etching, charcoal drawings an animations.

The L5 are showcasing some of their Natural Environment sketchbooks and a selection of project outcomes. Some of their ceramic tiles from a recent workshop can also be seen. The U5 are exhibiting a selection of project outcomes, including a reimagined chess board, a light up painting, polymer clay models, graphite drawings and so much more. The L6 are showing some of their early project work in Lens Based Media and Art. This includes a variety of photoshoots and ceramic models.

All U6 Art students showed a selection of pieces from their coursework, exploring themes such as domesticity, urban environment, cannibalism and portraiture.

From the Art Scholars was a section of the exhibition in response to the theme of ‘The Garden’, with work from all year groups sitting alongside each other exploring the same theme in a wide variety of personal ways.

Mrs Tova Dalgleish, Director of Art, said: “The talent on show is breathtaking, and if you get a chance to visit the gallery I am sure you will agree that the students at Headington certainly know how to express themselves creatively.”