Ducks in EYFS

This half term the girls in Nursery and Reception have enjoyed learning about ducks.

They were lucky enough to take care of five eggs as they hatched into ducklings and then take great care of them for a short while before they were returned to the farm.

In the run up to their arrival, the girls created a map of the classroom for the ducklings, looked at books about duckling care and duck life cycles and also painted some ‘welcome to the classroom’ pictures for them all.

There was much excitement as the eggs started to crack and the girls realised that the long awaited ducklings were about to arrive. On 7th March they arrived at school to see that the ducklings had hatched! Over the following week the girls enjoyed giving them food and water, holding them carefully, noticing their growth and watching them swimming in a small tub, all before they headed back to Mummy Duck on the 15th March.

Continuing with the theme of ducks, the girls have also enjoyed a trip to the Senior School art department in the Hive building to learn about the 3D printers and other technology that is used in the Art department before then creating their own duck hats. For the hats they learnt about wax resist and watercolours and added coloured feathers for wings. Some of the L6 students also helped the children and even managed to create their own duck hats.