Dress to Express

For Children’s Mental Health Week, Headington Prep School girls were encouraged to explore the theme of ‘express ourselves’.

Girls were urged to look into creative ways that people can share their feelings, thoughts and ideas. As part of this, the Prep School held a ‘dress to express’ day where girls expressed themselves through their clothing, hairstyles, accessories and whatever else they could think of!

For example, teachers encouraged pupils to think about what colours they could wear to express a feeling. Of course, as interpretation of colours is quite personal, there were a variety of colours on show and they didn’t always happen to mean what others thought they meant.

Eseld (year 2) said: “I chose these clothes because I like purple, ballet, adventuring and big cats!”

Mrs Tessa Davy, Deputy Head said: “It was a great opportunity to encourage self-expression and celebrate a diverse range of emotion through in ways the girls perhaps wouldn’t usually think of. All the while we all had great fun doing it!”