Don Quixote

Thirty Headington students accompanied by Mr Ignazio Pompeo, Miss Faith Jackson and Mr Abel Latorre Serna decided to step out of the cold Oxford weather to enjoy the fantastic Carlos Acosta’s production which transported them to the Spanish heat and romance of Cervantes’ classic novel.

Here’s a report from Dasha and Felicity (U4):

Going to see the live stream of Don Quixote was fascinating and enchanting. It felt very realistic and as if we were actually sitting in the Royal Opera House Theatre.

We loved the fusion between a classic, technical and expressive ballet whilst having a lively, merry and elegant feel. The choreography was precise, flowy and quick and the emotion from the dancers created a vivacious and expressive atmosphere that transported us into the Spanish town of La Mancha.

The creative design and wardrobe aspect of the performance was a combination of stunning and glamorous costumes and an innovative and artistic set design. This combination elevated the performance and left an indelible mark on us.