Dinner Debate with Abingdon School

On Monday 3rd February 26 Lower Five students went to Abingdon School for the Dinner Debate, a tradition established last academic year.

The girls had spent lots of time preparing two motions focusing on mobile phones and vaccinations and had to ensure they had looked into both sides fully as they decided after the toss of a coin on the evening which team argued for or against the motions.

The girls were well equipped to not only argue their cases eloquently but also to deal with the robust questioning. At times the floor resembled some of the livelier debates in the House of Commons.

The girls won one motion and lost the other but they had a hard case arguing against the use of mobile phones (despite it being the policy in both schools!).

Academic Director of Middle School Mrs Alice Barrett said: “All the girls were a credit to the School and I was delighted that, in our Year of Community, all girls got involved with the preparations and everybody took advantage of the opportunity to sit with and meet new people at the dinner.”

Particular credit goes to Ruoxi, Sophia, Hana, Tinu, Minty and Maia for their excellent speeches, rebuttals and debating skills.

The two motions in full were: “This house believes that mobile phones should be banned during school hours” and “This house believes that parents should be required by law to vaccinate their children”.

Abingdon debaters will be welcomed to Headington for a rematch in May.

Pictured is a debate from last year.