Dazzling Piano Concerts at Prep

On Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th February, Headington Prep School girls from Years 3-6 played piano in front of a theatre full of excited parents.

During the Year 5 & 6 concert, the audience was treated to a variety of songs and styles from over 50 pianists! Miuccia (Yr 6) began with a talented performance of ‘Rondo’ which kicked off the show in style. Xanthe (Yr 5) played a rousing version of ‘The March of Doom’ which changed the tone while Audrey and Haylie (Yr 5) brought the viewers back to the light with a wonderful collaborative recital of ‘The Entertainer’. More acts of note came from Sofia (Yr5) with a characterful rendition of Tarantella, Esme (Yr5) who even wrote her own composition for the concert titled ‘Crazy’ and Veva (Yr6) who finished off the show with a jazzy and vibrant performance of ‘New Kid’.

The Year 3 & 4 concert was yet another success with over 30 girls taking part. Parents were treated to a wide variety of pieces resembling the natural world in ‘Cockles and Mussels’, ‘Whirly Bird’, ‘The Grasshopper’ and ‘A Morning Sunbeam’ to pieces reminiscent of human influence in ‘The Spaceman’, ‘War Drums’ and ‘School March’. It was wonderful to see the girls confidently take to the stage in front of their audience and enjoy their performances.

Mrs Amy Evetts, Head of Music at Headington Prep, said: “We were amazed to see so many performers showing so much courage, getting up in front of so many people to play their pieces. All of the performances were met with rapturous applause and smiles from many proud staff and parents. Well done girls!”