Curry and quiz time with Radley

On Tuesday 2nd May, L6 girls were joined by students from both Radley College and Marlborough College for an amazing curry and quiz night.

The evening started with the students having a drink and getting to know each other in the lovely outdoor space in the Sixth Form Centre. With a total of 50 students attending the evening, there were lots of people to meet and chat with before the main activity of the evening began!

After that, they headed to the Dining Hall where a delicious curry was served. The students sat with each other and it was a great way to get to meet the people from the other schools.

Having finished dinner, the students headed back to the Sixth Form Centre, Headington VI, where they were separated into multiple different groups, each consisting of people from all the schools and the main part of the evening started – the quiz!

The questions in the quiz ranged from American politics to how many stones are needed for the sport of curling. As well as being a fun activity, the quiz enabled the students to further improve their general knowledge about a huge range of topics.

It was a great environment all evening, even though the competition was high. At the end of the evening, the winning group were awarded a box of chocolates.

Overall, it was a fantastic evening and was a great opportunity to be able to meet some new people. A huge thanks to everyone who helped out with the evening. It was a huge success!

Report by Katie, L6