Creativity in the Workplace

The world is currently undergoing a radical change in the way people work, with technology advancing to the point where it is quickly taking the place of many traditional jobs.

As organisations grapple with digitisation and automation, studies show that people who are both experts in their field and have strong interpersonal skills are in high demand. The growth of AI, robotics, and STEAM subjects (Science, Technology and Engineering, Art and Maths) will become even more important in allowing people to perform new roles and tasks. However, enduring human skills like creativity and empathy will be essential in making people adaptable and employable throughout their working lives.

The World Economic Forum forecast that creativity will be one of the top three most valuable skills, as employers look to their people to devise new and innovative uses for technologies to develop products and services to solve future challenges. A creative problem solver will find new solutions rather than simply identifying and implementing the norm.

‘It is important that schools do all they can to prepare the next generation by developing these uniquely human qualities in pupils, by offering a breadth of education and experience they can apply. In particular, encouraging them to come up with novel and creative solutions to challenges that are appearing at an ever-increasing rate’. Dominic Mahony, Headington parent and Director at Lane4 Management Consultancy

Speaking at our Creativity in the curriculum event on Monday 9th November, Dr Anne-Marie Stanton-Ife, Deputy Head Academic, said: “It’s so important that we prepare our girls for life beyond Headington. Our Extended Project Qualification which students undertake in the Sixth Form is just one example where we encourage them to embrace the longer, iterative process as a force to imagine something other than the status quo.”

Whilst it is clear that AI will be a catalyst for transformation, the ability to be inventive and think ‘outside the box’ is crucial to success in any industry. It is vital that we develop creative thinking skills in our young people, to ensure that tomorrow’s workforce is well equipped to succeed.
Mrs Helen Batchelor, External Relations Trustee, said: “As schools across the UK come together to offer their communities a dedicated opportunity to give their time, treasure, or talent. At Headington we would love your support towards The Hive to help us achieve our campaign for a creative thinking future.”

If you would like to get involved or find out more, we would love to hear from you. Please contact Mrs Batchelor at