Creativity in the Curriculum

“The economic imperative for teaching creativity systematically in schools has never been greater. And that requires a transformation in the way the schools work”

Sir Ken Robinson, one of the world’s elite thinkers on creativity and innovation.

A twenty-first century education is about thinking beyond graduation and towards enabling pupils to become the collaborative workers, critical thinkers and creative problem solvers that our future economy needs.

Innovation and creativity are fundamental to all academic disciplines and educational activities and at Headington. It is crucial to teach these skills from an early age and build upon them at each stage of the curriculum.

On Monday 9th November, Deputy Head Simon Hawkes was joined by Prep School and Senior School academic staff to discuss why the School puts creative thinking at the heart of a Headington education.

As well as sharing the School’s vision for The Hive, the discussion covered a variety of topics including what is creativity and whether it can be taught, the importance of play in encouraging creativity and whether there is an ideal state of mind to encourage creative thinking. All parents will be sent a recording of the session later this week.

Creativity happens every day at Headington. Examples from the last few weeks include the Senior School creating magic in chemistry and developing eco dyes and the Prep School creating lighthouses and building cars and helicopters!

Mr Simon Hawkes, Deputy Head at Headington, said: “We are so excited that The Hive, which will be opening in September 2021, will allow us to enable more exciting projects and bring together people and ideas, inspiring our girls to live up to their creative potential.

“This week, schools across the UK are coming together to offer their communities a dedicated opportunity to give their time, treasure, or talent. At Headington we would love your support towards The Hive to help us achieve our campaign for a creative thinking future.”

If you would like to get involved or find out more, please contact Mrs Batchelor, External Relations Trustee at

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