Costa Rica Cycle

A keen Headington cyclist has travelled thousands of miles after setting herself a lockdown challenge.

At the start of lockdown, Jess, L5, set herself the challenge of cycling the distance around the border of Costa Rica (1867km) to raise money for her future trip with Camps International and Headington School in 2021.

For the first few months of lockdown, Jess juggled indoor cycling with her online schooling. However, as summer approached, she got the chance to get out on the road and find her love of road biking and exploring National Cycle Routes.

Jess said: “My highlights have included cycling 60k to Brighton along cycle route 2 with shopping and Costa thrown in, discovering hidden coffee stops and pit stops along the way and getting really fit.

“I think the hardest bit has been keeping going with a challenge that has taken over six months. The best thing has been discovering a new sport which I hope to carry on… although I might have a break from cycling for a bit!

“It has been a really tough challenge and I want to thank everyone who has supported me along the journey. Your emails, sponsorship and support have really inspired me to keep going.”