Corinium & Chedworth Roman Villa

L4 girls stepped back in history for a visit to Corinium Museum and Chedworth Roman Villa.

They were able to explore the evidence for Cirencester as a major Roman settlement at Corinium Museum, where they had a hands-on education session exploring the evidence and what this tells us about the people.

This culminated in dressing up, which many of the L4 enjoyed immensely. They were also able to see artefacts in the museum itself which they have seen in the textbook up till now.

The group also visited Chedworth Roman villa, nestled in the countryside, and learnt about the people that lived there. The girls saw the remains of a complete bath house with its hypocaust and underfloor heating system as well as many of its fine mosaics. They were not impressed by the communal Roman toilet remains and being shown the sponge on a stick (equivalent of toilet roll)! Overall, the sun shone and the traffic cooperated too.